Black American Voters Project

The Black American Voters Project (BAVP) is a civic organization that aims to increase political engagement and education among Black communities in Illinois. Our goal is to conduct a long-term study of Black communities in Illinois to identify the needs and wants through a community needs survey. BAVP will focus on analyzing partisan preference and participation among residents of predominantly Black neighborhoods in Chicago and the State of Illinois, identifying key issues affecting Black communities, and developing strategies and campaigns to increase Black political participation and engagement.

Our activities include organizing 25/25/25 Town Halls for civic education, voter registration drives, voter education on rights and history, community research and analysis, social media outreach, and grassroots outreach. BAVP will collaborate with the Rebuild Black Illinois Initiative (RBI), the African American Leadership and Policy Institute (AALPI), and other community based organizations and advocacy groups to ensure that the needs and concerns of Black voters are being addressed.

BAVP’s current research indicates a decline in voter turnout in most Black communities in Illinois, and we are interested in building on the legacy of civic engagement through electoral participation by developing strong outreach programs in faith-based organizations, community centers, workplaces, and other culturally appropriate venues. We also plan to collaborate with other organizations, engage in civics lessons, support the expansion of voting access, work with the youth voting block, and conduct outreach to communities of color to further voting equality.