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On May 2, 2023, the South Shore community became aware of a community meeting to be held two days later, to discuss housing Asylum Seekers in the former South Shore High School. When confronted, Eighth Ward Alderman Michelle Harris, claimed to have just found out when residents did, and that the decision had already been finalized.

On May 4, 2023, the community voiced their concerns at a town hall with members of the Lori Lightfoot administration, the police commander and community leaders, regarding the housing of asylum seeking immigrants. A lack of satisfactory and/or realistic answers to those concerns have prompted South Shore residents to seek relief, filing a lawsuit against the City of Chicago and the Chicago Public Schools.

On May 10, 2023, South Shore residents, Natasha Dunn and J. Darnell Jones, along with community organization South Shore Neighbors, filed a MOTION FOR EMERGENCY TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER by their attorney, Frank Avila, seeking temporary injunctive relief, from the housing of Asylum Seekers in the former South Shore High School. The suit alleges that the City of Chicago and Chicago Public Schools are in violation of their lease among other claims.

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Our Initiatives

01 | Black Student Success Campaign

We are requesting that CPS establish a Task force and funding be earmarked to close the opportunity gap to invest in Black student achievement.

03 | Black Jobs + Contracts Campaign

We want equitable access to contract opportunities with the City, County and State. We want to increase the Black workforce in public and private sector jobs.

04 | Safe, Accessible + Healthy

According to the City of Chicago Police crime data 85% of homicide and shooting crime victims are Black. In addition, our community suffers from the lowest life expectancy rate due to chronic disease, infant mortality, infectious diseases, and drug use. We demand funding be set aside to support a community driven health campaign connecting city and state agencies together to provide resources and close gaps.

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