Who We are


Grounded By Research & Connected By Action

BCC is grounded by research and connected by action.

We collect data and research to train and empower stakeholders.

We work with our affiliate organizations to provide support, share information, and bring Black voices to the table with decision-makers to transform our community.

We conduct research and gather data to inform and empower stakeholders.

how we work

We focus on the power of community through campaigns that build awareness.

We collaborate with affiliate organizations to bring black voices to the table with decision makers to create collective impact.

We focus on the power of community through campaigns that build awareness and convene leaders to advocate for access to quality public schools, housing, jobs and health services. Latest Campaign: SOS Save Our School

Our Guiding Principles


Anchor Community
“We meet our people where they are!”

  • Activate real community based conversations.
  • Listen and document the perspectives, passions and pains alongside those we serve.
  • Partner with institutions and organization invested in our community


Educate vs. Indoctrinate
“People don’t care what you know, until they know that you care!"

  • Provide responsive workshops and training.
  • Interlock equitable solutions for families and persons of African American descent.
  • Create cycles of ongoing follow up that activates inclusivity and establishes mutual accountability


Empower Holistically
“We must eliminate savior complexes that plague our communities”

  • Vet and validate organizations & institutions that align with our commitments.
  • Emancipate black voices and efforts for reconciliation.
  • Discover the unspoken and articulate it fearlessly.

our mission

Our mission is to close educational, economic, and health gaps that have historically disenfranchised our communities. Our goal is to examine and dismantle structural racism to generate equity and parity for African Americans.

join us

We do real work, for real change. Join the movement.